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Welcome to the "Healthy Births, Happy Babies" podcast!

Apr 5, 2021

Guest: Amy Morin, the critically renowned author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do and popular TEDx speaker. On this episode we talk about her newest book, 13 THINGS
STRONG KIDS DO: THINK BIG, FEEL GOOD, ACT BRAVE which empowers tweens, teaching them how to think, feel, and act stronger than ever. 

In this episode, we will cover:

  • Why it's so important, especially THIS YEAR, for our kids to learn how to be resilient in the face of strength stress and how we as parents can help them become stronger each day
  • The unexpected and surprising feelings kids are having now that things are opening up once again this year (back to school, being able to socialize with other kids again, etc.) and what signs to look for

Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • link to Amy Morin's website:
  • her book, 13 Things Mentally Strong Kids Do, can be purchased wherever books are sold

About Amy Morin:

Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker, instructor at Northeastern University, and psychotherapist. She is the author of the international bestseller 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do, and 13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do. Amy is a regular contributor to Verywell, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, and Psychology Today.

She gave one of the most viewed TEDx talks of all time and
was named the “self-help guru of the moment” by The Guardian. She lives in Marathon, Florida. 13 Things Strong Kids Do is her fourth book.